Team-Building Programs

Team-Building Programs

Our multi-element Challenge Course is the cornerstone of our team building programs, but it is not the only component. Effective team building relies not just on the activities your team experiences together, but also the group processing and discussions that can be sparked by those experiences. This is where our staff plays a vital role. As discussion leaders, question askers, gentle prodders and uninvolved outsiders they can spark interactions that will help your team gain the most from their joint experiences.

Rather than designing a one-size fits all program of a certain number of days, we prefer to work with you—listening to your goals, learning about your group, and customizing a program that will fit your needs and your budget.

The Challenge Course description will give you a good idea of the structure and goals for each of the challenge course elements. We can give you some insight into age appropriateness, level of challenge and other aspects of the various activities.

To learn more and start designing a few days that will change the way your group works and thinks together, call 530/626-3610.

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